Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review

Customer Rating 4.3/5


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Pioneer HDJ-2000Why should I buy the Pioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Professional DJ Headphones?

This Pioneer HDJ-2000 sound device is a high-end, high-quality set of headphones ideally suited for professional mixing and is excellent for personal music listening as well. These headphones resonate with sounds that clearly and accurately reproduce the original audio. The output is solid and the HDJ-2000 delivers a great low frequency range.

The level of comfort and durability are first class. The ear pads are made from NASA-graded memory foam for maximum comfort and superb noise isolation. Some users report no experience of discomfort even for long-period use. Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones feature light-weight magnesium alloy components yet yield high durability that withstands demanding conditions and frequent touring.

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Here are some great features of the Pioneer HDJ-2000:

  • Swivel component for single-ear, on-shoulder, and various other monitoring styles
  • Headphones fold into a compact configuration for easy carrying
  • Removable Mini XLR connector for cable replacement
  • High-flux, two-inch magnet, optimized diaphragm and voice coil for superior sound
  • Magnesium set of headphones with excellent sound

What Customers Are Saying about the Pioneer HDJ-2000:
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Average Customer Review:  4.6 out of 5 Stars

(Based on 52 customer reviews)

“Like most DJs I have used many different headphones… After reading the reviews I knew I had to try the new version, the HDJ-2000s, and they did not disappoint… They sound better than any other pair I have owned… I have been using them for my iPhone, while driving, while taking Skype calls, and while listening to iTunes through audio interface on laptop. Basically everywhere…”

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“I had the HDJ-1000′s for about a year until they recently broke… I shopped around for some headphones for an afternoon… The built is solid and sturdy unlike its plastic predecessor… This is a great upgrade from the HDJ-1000′s. I would recommend this product to other users.”

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“These headphones are everything I wanted and more. The only way I found to describe the sound quality for these amazing headphones is…”

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“I thought the headphones we’re a little pricey until I opened the box and actually witnessed the quality… I’ve tried all three headphones and these Pioneer’s are by far my favorite and the best sounding pair I’ve ever used.”

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“Don’t let the price tag scare you. These are the best pair of dj headphones you can get currently. So, it’s well worth it. All of the most important features are present here…”

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The price of these headphones may a put-off for some. In reality, the price is matched by the high standards of sound reproduction and the quality of material used. The headphones can travel tough with you, get dropped by you – and they will still hold up well. Typically, DJ headphones are so fragile that they are the first items of a DJ’s gear to break. But the Pioneer HDJ-2000 is an exception. If you believe in getting the best and are willing to spend, these are the headphones worth investing in. Click here to buy and have your item shipped to you for free!

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